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Janet with pack

I'm Janet Ardley, a professional dog trainer and dog behaviourist, who offers home boarding at my house, situated in the beautiful setting of the Eden Valley here in Cumbria.

My love of dogs has, over the past 25 years, introduced me to breeds as diverse as Rottweilers to Chihuahuas and issues ranging from aggression to a dog with a fear of umbrellas !
Being a behaviourist allows me to understand why dogs act as they do and how best to work with them. This knowledge has given me great success in all aspects of dog behaviour, from puppy training to retraining dogs not to chase sheep.
But you're the owner and you're equally important.
I'll instil confidence in you and teach you how to train your dog into the best friend you've always wanted.

Janet Ardley Cumbria Dog Training

One to One Dog Training

With experience ranging from puppy training to resolving problems of aggression, my training and behaviour sessions have proven invaluable to many owners.

I've achieved success without having to resort to choke chains or treats. A firm but fair approach is all that is needed.

Training is always on a "one to one" basis.
Just me, you - and the dog!

All dogs are different and my classes are tailored to suit all abilities and include;

  1. 1 day course
  2. 4 - 6 week course
  3. My Masterclass
  4. Residential dog training courses

For residential training, I'll train your dog as needed. Then on collection, I'll demonstrate what has been taught before you take over. Simple.

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Janet Ardley of Cumbria Dog Training  - stop your dog chasing sheep

Dogs Who Chase Sheep

Seeing your dog suddenly chase after a flock of terrified sheep is a harrowing experience – and with good reason.

Owners recognise that the quickest way of losing their dog is to allow him to chase sheep or other livestock.

With farmers legally entitled to shoot a livestock worrying dog, it's in nobody's best interests to own an animal that chases.

Owning a dog who has previously chased doesn't mean to say that he can't be re-educated using my usual methods - quite the opposite.

I offer a variety of tried and tested methods to stop this dangerous habit, in a single visit.

My introductory puppy lessons include livestock socialisation.

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Cumbria Dog Training Residential Boarding

Home Boarding for Dogs

The decision to home board dogs came about after I'd asked myself a simple question - "where would I like to board my dog Tilly ?"

My home dog boarding is a real "home from home" experiance. Your dog lives with me in my own house, safe and secure.

To create a calm - and manageable environment - I limit numbers to just three, for which I'm both registered and insured.

This intimate environment creates a real bond between your dog and myself, allowing him both an enjoyable and reassuring time.

Guest dogs are kept active with long walks on the Fells, Pennines and within the Eden Valley. And any training issues that may come up are dealt with at the time.

Whatever the weather, whatever the dog, we'll be out there !

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About Me

The decision to open Cumbria Dog Training came about while recuperating from a near fatal embolism.
With my own dog Tilly

With my own dog Tilly

At the time I was a partner in a different dog training business, where I'd met many people and trained many dogs. Along the way, different owners had suggested I should "go it alone".
As I slowly returned to full health, I decided it was time to act on these comments.
My only regret ? I should have done it a long time ago !

Where I Live

8, Whinfell Road
Appleby in Westmorland
Cumbria CA16 6AT

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